Character sketch of you in the moment of past success

Bring to mind an image of yourself in that moment of success. Notice first how you look, what you are wearing, your facial expression, the aura you project. Then turn inside and explore the feelings. What does it mean to be having this experience of success? Which of your core values does it reflect? What does it represent to you? What is the meaning of this success? How does it shape what you perceive as possible for yourself? Hold the image for at least 20 seconds, using your scent cue if you wish. Then write about yourself in the third person (the “s/he” voice), as if you are a compassionate narrator. Again, write for 7 or 8 minutes by the timer.

Kathleen Adams, “Your Brain on Ink”, p. 105

A character sketch of yourself

“When you write a character sketch about a time when you felt successful […], you have the opportunity to discern individual components of your particular success pattern, the qualities you can intentionally call forth and place attention on as you move into action-orientation”

Kathleen Adams, Deborah Ross, “Your Brain on Ink”, p. 103