What is a journal? Responding to our own sense of growth

The journal is a way of responding independently to our own particular sense of growth, from a viewpoint of ourselves as healthy, evolving human beings.

Когда мы ведем дневник, мы сами свидетельствуем процессу собственного роста; мы видим себя и становимся видимыми для себя – как здоровые существа, у каждого из которых свой путь развития.

Christina Baldwin, “One to One”, p.58

Map of the history of relationship with writing

Create a map of your journey with writing throughout your life. Make this map in any way you wish: ■ A visual map using collage, illustration, colored markers, or other artistic expression ■ A bullet list of turning points and significant life events ■ A narrative story of your journey with writing ■ Or any way you want. Begin at any age or development stage you choose. As a reminder, there is no “right” way to do this, only the “write” way.

(p. 44). “Your Brain on Ink”

Relationship with journal (prompts)

I have been writing a journal since. . . . From what I have heard or read about journal writing, I. . . . My relationship with my journal could best be described as. . . . If I wrote a journal, I would want my relationship with it to be described as. . . . I turn to my journal when (or for). . . . If I wrote a journal, I would probably turn to it when (or for). . . . I don’t write about . . . .. If I wrote a journal, I would not write about. . . . I wish I knew how to. . . . I wish I knew how to. . . .

(pp. 31-32).

from “Your Brain on Ink”