Writing the story again, going deeper

“Starting with the same event or moment you wrote about […], go deeper. Place your intention and attention on this story and focus particularly on its meaning: What are the take-aways for you? What is the learning offered you in this experience? How can you apply action that takes steps toward your own healing, growth and change?”

Kathleen Adams, “Your Brain on Ink”, p. 95

Rewriting the stories of triumph again and again

“The logs to stoke the fire are added each time I remember and write the cheesecake story, which I’ve done dozens of times, always with intention and attention. I observe myself in the telling, always asking: “What does this story teach me today?” Each time I feel the familiar wash of emotion: exhilaration, celebration, success, joy, connection, the thrill of risk, community. Each time it is inseparable from the cheesecake: I feel the creamy texture against the roof of my mouth, I taste the buttery crumb crust, I inhale the rich aroma of coffee in a thick blue mug”.

Kathleen Adams, in “Your Brain on Ink”, pp.94-95