Emotional expressive writing to alleviate euthanasia-related stress

Can Vet J. 2010 Jul; 51(7): 775–777.

Kerrie L. Unsworth, Steven G. Rogelberg, and Daniel Bonilla

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Expressive writing. A tool to help health workers. Research project on the benefits of expressive writing.


Tonarelli A1, Cosentino C, Artioli D, Borciani S, Camurri E, Colombo B, D’Errico A, Lelli L, Lodini L, Artioli G.

Acta Biomed. 2017 Nov 30;88(5-S):13-21. doi: 10.23750/abm.v88i5-S.6877.


This research seeks to ascertain whether and how expressive writing has an impact on work satisfaction, coping strategies, and relational communication satisfaction of health practitioners.


a comparison was made between the expressive writing and neutral writing of two randomized groups of health care professionals. A group of 66 healthcare professionals participated in this study. They were evaluated pre- and post-intervention using several scales and an ad hoc questionnaire, with one-month follow-up.


After analyzing the texts, as in Pennebaker’s studies, there was a reduction of words with negative emotion in the course of writing sessions.


Expressive writing has a positive impact on adaptive coping strategies and work relational communication satisfaction. It also can facilitate the clarification and solution of various problems, increase cognitive abilities, and promote social interactions.