Mindfulness as a mediating factor of efficacy of therapeutic writing

Poon and Danoff-Burg (2011) offered mindfulness (“paying complete attention to the experiences occurring presently, in a nonjudgmental way or an accepting stance”) as a moderator that might deepen the writer’s capacity to create insight and meaning. Study participants completed the Freiberg Mindfulness Inventory and other measurements before following instructions to write three times over several days, for twenty minutes each time, about a stressful experience. Mindfulness influenced the extent of benefits produced by expressive writing. . . . [A] higher mindfulness score predicted greater change over time in decreased physical symptoms, decreased psychological symptoms, and decreased negative affect, but an increase in sleep quality and positive affect. These findings suggest that people who are more mindful benefit more from disclosing their emotions and thoughts regarding stressful experiences than do those who are less mindful (890).

(p. 28).

From “Your Brain on Ink”