Deepen Your Spiritual Connection by Free-Writing After Meditating

Create through me, oh god this hurts: Creative writing, spirituality, and insanity

Pages 199-207 | Published online: 16 Aug 2006
The purpose of this article is to present a spiritual perspective of creative writing, discuss the impact of emotional trauma and psychotropic medication on creativity, and explore the dilemmas posed by pharmacological disconnection from the Spiritual Divine.

Writing our way to Taíno spirituality: Finding a sense of self

Pages 21-39 | Published online: 04 Mar 2009

Taíno spirituality conceals a strong image of the feminine as counterpart of the male. The Feminine is a luminous icon that does not want to be imagined but experienced. The tradition speaks of a union that integrates our humanness. In this article, it is shown how 11 Dominican women used Embodied Writing (EW) to recreate their experiences of the Goddess. EW is an invitation to write using all the senses—perceptual, visceral, sensorimotor, kinesthetic, and imaginal—so the readers’ senses can vibrate empathically when they read or listen to our narration. Participants developed alternative ways of knowing through a wide range of rituals and EW exercises. We examined the impact of such practices on our self-perception, spiritual growth, and personal empowerment.

Writing and the development of the self- heuristic inquiry: A unique way of exploring the power of the written word

Pages 55-68 | Received 08 Jan 2014, Accepted 07 Feb 2014, Published online: 12 Mar 2014

This article presents a heuristic research project designed to explore the role of personal writing in the development of the self. True to the heuristic process as outlined by Moustakas, the author analyzed over 30 years of personal poetry and journal writing through her mother’s mental illness and brother’s traumatic brain injury and epilepsy. Phase two of the project included nine participants (co-researchers) who were lifetime writers. Results indicated themes related to the (i) interpersonal and personal nature of writing, (ii) the spiritually transcendent nature of writing, (iii) the fact that writing facilitates perspective taking, (iv) the importance of challenge in personal growth, (v) the dynamic nature of writing, and (vi) the power of writing to influence personal identity. The paper presents the process, stories of the author and three participants, synthesized results, the power of the heuristic process, and potential application to the creative arts.